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Umeed e Ralli
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Umeed e Ralli
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We present to you,
the Umeed e Ralli.
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In 2010, massive flooding in Pakistan, especially the Sindh area caused overwhelming destruction and left in its wake millions of people displaced. But, amidst all the misfortune, the Sindhi culture received a stimulus in the most extraordinary circumstances. Domestic and Foreign aid workers brought to the media light, a pattern design used by the natives on their quilts, called the Ralli. Its origins are unknown, and so its concept, but we would like to think that it represents hope and undying will. For after the displacement of the affectees, it was this design that gave hope to so many women, it was this design that brought the attention of the world to their part of the globe, it was this pattern that gave them employment during the worst calamity of their lives. From the symbol of hope we bring forth a design element for those who never wish to give up or back down, and always remain hopeful as long as they can see the light.
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